The name is  Bonnie Phan, I’m 20 years old, and your average college student with some strange things to say. I blog about FASHION &  a bit of everything here and there, live for the MUSIC on my beloved ipod, and utterly in love with LIFE. I reside in a suburb of VANCOUVER, Beautiful British Columbia. I like to tell people that I blog with personality – an incredibly odd, upbeat, and high on life kind of personality. I tend to be random, sarcastic, and I always find myself rambling on in every post so don’t waste any time in deep thought in regards to what I’ve written, and accept what I have already stated as I obviously already did.

IT’S STRANGELY ME: A personal blog with a focus on FASHION, created in AUGUST 2010 out of boredom and curiosity, which eventually became a hobby on the side. My blog content consists of my own personal style, and I feature affordable yet wonderfully chic, and practical items – and of course, the odd random post here and there, just for fun. My efforts go into integrating all fashion related posts with my own life experiences in a way that all my readers can understand as well as relate to. I don’t base my posts solely on a material items – I describe and explain real life situations as it is, all while using fashion as a foundation.


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24 responses to “About

  1. You have a fabulous blog…..will be checking it out more 🙂

  2. Hi there. You just commented on my blog (White Ninja) re my friends fab photos. Thanks! I’ll let him know you think he’s grand too;) Thanks for the comment. I’m brand new to this but it’s so fun! Just so you know as well? I lived in Vancouver for three months last year and miss it muchly! Lived in Kits, had friends in North Van and visited Saltspring Island with a beautiful boy ho gre up there. So lucky you live near all that!

    Good luck with the blogging. Can’t wait to see more!
    Erin (aka the White Ninja;) )xx

    • Awww, I’m new as well, and you’re right; it is SO much fun!
      Vancouver is a gorgeous city that many of us take for granted, I absolutely love it here!
      Glad you had a wonderful time, see you around.

  3. I think you’re just the cutest thing…only 20!! Keep writing sister…xo!

  4. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on passport paper. you blog is really good, too bad i’m a guy, but i will tell my shopaholic sister to check your blog out. I’m 25 and new at this blogging thing too. Good luck.

  5. I love your blog hun! Keep it up my fellow fashionista 😀
    Thnx for the comment btw :**

  6. I can’t believe how indepth you are about your finds – your blog is beautiful! Thanks a bunch for checking out mine!

  7. dope blog , im happy you visited my blog as well. def gonna keep coming back , i like your fashion posts , its so true im cheapy and always internet window shop lol im so cheap…

  8. Hi there! Thank you for commenting on my blog! Love what you’re doing here as well!

  9. your blog is so cute, how do you fix the background and header?

    • Thank you.
      You have to find a theme that allows you to have custom ‘header’ and ‘background’ options, that’s the most basic way to do it. It’s all under your ‘appearance’ tab on the left on your dashboard.
      Hope that helps!

  10. I love your blog, def. on my subscription list! How do you have such a cool template with fonts and stuff? Did you make it?

  11. you DO have fabulous hair!!! love the blog!

  12. hey nice website!!! 😀 keep up the good work and let me know when you’re up for WINGS!

  13. Your website looks great! Thanks for the blog comment, it’s nice to know people are lurking around 🙂

  14. FAB blog Darling!!!! Adore your layout!!!!

  15. really nice website. will definitely keep checking in

  16. At first when I saw your name, I have to admit that I was like – OMGWHKP! Michelle Phan’s sister? 🙂 Bahaha but no. I love your blog – totally awesome and you’re such a talented writer as well!


  17. You have great taste in clothes but you could totally be a model as well – you’re really pretty 🙂

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